Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sugary no-no

Too much sugar is bad for you. Only thing is that sugar is nice and sweet and enjoyable and addictive. The more sugar you have, the more you want - just like its saltier cousin.

And if you're drinking 'diet' or 'zero' beverages? I've never been a big fan - but then this is coming from somone who doesn't drink colddrinks anyway. It almost seems that artifical sweetners are 'logically' worse than corn syrup mixes. This aside, I think the major problems of these 'diet' drinks is that the feed the sweet-tooth desires, which probably makes you more likely to reach for other sweet products.
How is this for a 'visualisation' around the theme of 'drinking yourself fat'.

This Public Service Announcement from the New York City Health department was partnered by a poster campaign that encourages people to reduce (or eliminate) sugary drinks. The posters received a lot of attention and generated some controversy as well. Some people found the posters, which depict realistic human body fat flowing out of bottles into glasses filled with ice cubes, too gross and too disturbing to hang in public.

Info above from PresentationZen

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Celine said...

Brilliant! I, on the other hand, am so grateful for my diet cokes. Dieting without them would be even more miserable than it already is!