Sunday, 30 May 2010

Multisport estate?

Today's Kinetic Adventure was held at the relatively new Jackal Creek Golf Estate on the northern side of Beyers Naude, in Jo'burg. The Estate is big and the event was superb; just as we've come to expect from Heidi and Stephan and their Kinetic crew.

The whole event took place within the Estate - yes, it's that big. I don't know what our total distance was but it took my all-girls team (first placed women's team and high placed overall) about 1h50 to complete the course. We did two biking legs, one run leg and two short (very short, like very short - but fun) paddle legs around wee dams on the golf course.

Now, I'm fairly certain that many of the residents do not play golf. They chose this living environment because it is secure, open and spacious, the grounds are well managed and you look out on to green grass and streams and little dams and trees and general vegetative prettiness. And there's the lovely clubhouse, facilities and other centralised benefits.

Following from a thought I had a good few years ago... I'm not sure why there are no 'Nature Estates' - like a golf estate but without the golf course. Trees, bush, walking trails, little bokkies, pretty and expansive gardens. I'd like to live on one of these housing estates. Throw in some running and mountain biking trails, walking paths, bird hides and a small dam on which to paddle... Yes, a multisport estate. Great for sporty people and nice for those who enjoy watching birds and appreciating a natural and green environment on their doorstep.

All the loveliness without the environmental nastiness of a water-table-sucking golf estate. Like there are not enough golf courses around!

Aside from these musings... we, Team Triumph AR, had a super race today. I raced with Lauren and Lizelle again and we whipped through the course, especially enjoying the downhills on the golf cart paths. This was our second win, of two, in this year's Kinetic Adventure Series. Our thanks go out to Triumph who generously sponsor our race entries.

Team Triumph AR: Lisa, Lizelle and Lauren.

Next Kinetic Adventure is 25 July - brrrr... the dead of winter!