Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bye to my old & faithful Giant

This weekend was my 11-year old bike's last race. Yes, my faithful Giant Yukon, bought from Linden Cycles in September 1999, has now officially retired from adventure racing. Aside from occasionally wonky gears, I've had not one problem with this bike in all these years. No broken chains, only two or three punctures in races and no other mechanical issues.

My Giant has been replaced by a speedy red, full-suspension Schwinn. So what's going to happen to my trusty Giant? No, he's not going on display in Giant's antique collection... He's going to the child of a gardner at my mom's complex; his bike was stolen a few months ago. Although my Giant's adventure racing days are over (he's probably saying "Thank goodness!"), I'm sure the young boy will have many years of fun riding this solid bike.

My Giant Yukon's last race... a photo taken this weekend by Erik Vermeulen.
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