Friday, 2 July 2010

Drink up horsie

I've been on my own again, freelancing, for a year. It's a cobbled and rough road to travel. But, where there are cons there are pros - certainly more lifestyle than financial - the latter unfortunately affecting the former. Nonetheless, I'm glad I went on my own, despite the stresses.

Over the past two to three months, an aspect of my inherent nature has come to light. I've never been a nagger - not to partners nor to family. I leave people to do what they want most of the time, even if they should be doing otherwise. I think I've chilled more in recent years.

And I've realised that I'm the same in work - I don't nag and I don't chase. I present my clients (or prospective clients) with A, B and C, giving them the choice. All they have to do is say yes or no. If it is yes, they'll have the finished product delivered on a silver platter; if it is no, then I leave it at that. And if they don't respond? I'll probably remind them once and then I leave it.

As I'm sure you realise, this is not great for business because many people need to be niggled, reminded, harrassed and chased to get something done. Instead, I move on to other things. The thing is, while I know I should do more chasing and following up, it's not... me.

I'm more about leading a horse to water and wiping his chin with a napkin once he's had something to drink, rather than shoving his head in the trough.

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