Monday, 19 July 2010

Racing again

Although my AR involvements have been pretty much non-stop for many years, it isn't that often that I actually do longer races - even though they're my favourite.

Looking back at the past few years... Swazi - I've been more involved on the sidelines, assisting with planning and for 2008 and 2009 the latter six months of each year had focused on my teams and preparation for Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge. Sure, inbetween I've done 24hr Rogaine World Champs, staged running events, ultradistance overnight runs... but not adventure races.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the recent overnight Kinetic Full Moon and Ystervark races, which took us 22hrs and 19hrs respectively to complete.

An AR friend sent me a really sweet email a week ago saying, "Exciting to see you into adventure racing again! I know you have always been super involved, but I also know you haven't been doing much real adventure races, as such, lately". He's quite right. I hadn't really thought about it nor realised it because of the constant flood of orienteering, trail and sprint events that fill the year.

I'm racing my first Swazi since the 2006 Vlok & Fordyce year next month and I'm already getting excited especially as we can expect two full nights out. Delicious!

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