Thursday, 1 July 2010

Funny fashion (men's)

Tonight on Top Billing they visited the Milan Fashion week and focused on Roberto Cavalli's men's fashions for the spring/summer season.

I'm not much into watching fashion shows, but this was a hoot. As I said to my mom (I caught the show at her house while visiting), if any one of these guys came knocking on my door to take me to dinner, I'm not sure whether I'd hand them a bowl of food, make them pull up their badly fitting pants or close the door on them.

I'm also hardly surprised that they're all looking so miserable. I'd look miserable too if I'd been starved, dressed in this get-up and made to walk up and down a ramp in public.

Then again, they probably think lycra tights and tops that don't coordinate with accessories (backpacks, Buffs etc) are pretty funny too.

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