Monday, 19 July 2010

Women's sports clothing *sigh*

Women's sports clothing has frustrated me for some time. Ladies will agree that the offering of tops and shorts at sports stores is very slim; and not that flattering either. Although colours are limited but ok, it's the designs and lack of detail that I find depressing.

Women's tops are often a scaled-down and slightly-tailored version of mens apparel. Necklines are generally rounded - often too high (like a nun!) - and I've yet to see a woman look attractive in a high, rounded neckline. And one top design - across brands - is not dissimilar to another. What about flattering necklines that follow current fashion trends? And girly detail decorating plain fabrics? And bright, beautiful colours?

My theory with sports apparel (mens and womens) is that you should look forward to putting on your clothing to go for a run or ride. And when you put it on you should feel comfortable, powerful, sporty, fast and, dare I say, sexy. Yes, clothing can do this for you. I want to put on a top and feel that I look fabulous - not dowdy.

My cupboard is full of functional garments that are 'classic' sports apparel in design and fabric; but they almost border on frumpy compared to what they could be. They do their job but they don't make me feel especially fabulous; I want funky and sexy and delicious.

Girls, if you've got anything in your cupboard that you love putting on, please send me a photo. Mmm... I don't anticipate getting many photos. But, prove me wrong. I'm interested to see what you like. These may make for good ammo to send to local manufacturers to inspire them. Or, let me know what you would like, and I'll pass this on too.


Ms Fiola's Second Grade Blog said...

Lisa! I think there is a business plan lurking in there somewhere? lol Fiola

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