Thursday, 8 July 2010

Navigation poetry

In cleaning out some email folders, I found some short 'teaser' poems I wrote for a series of navigation-based teambuilding events I ran some years ago. They're quite fun.

The teambuild was run on a rogaine-style format with participants in teams named after polar explorers.

The participants received these weekly teasers - two verses per teaser - in the weeks leading up to the event.

With a map and compass in your hand,
you will learn to traverse the land.
Bashing through valleys and head high grass,
watch your footing or you'll see your ...

Ask any questions, don't be shy,
this navigation gig you gotta try.
Collecting points will be your aim,
when you set out to play my game.

Open spaces where wildlife play,
"Beautiful! Spectacular!" you're sure to say.
Don't be hesitant, this is a treat,
to challenge your brain, whilst on your feet.

Scott and Nansen, explorers of old,
pursued their dreams out in the cold.
"Which one was greater?", history can't say,
so we'll judge the outcome on the day.

Moving in the right direction,
is a skill of motion.
If you plan your strategy from A to B,
a bright control you're sure to see.

White Rabbit was late,
for every important date.
For you time will be ticking,
so take care or your points will go missing.

The day is drawing closer,
the day is almost here.
Leaping around the bush you'll be,
with grass way past your knee.

Lookout for graves and ruins and boulders,
these distinct features you will see.
You and your partner will be on your own,
scoring points for your team to bring back home.
I haven't run nav teambuilds for ages; but I'll be running one in two weeks as a component of a Quantum Adventures teambuilding event. I'm really looking forward to challenging a new bunch of navigation novices.

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