Friday, 30 July 2010

GU Chomps now in SA

I'm delighted that GU Chomps are now in SA (I bought a packet yesterday at Dishem). I first discovered these chewy gems at TransRockies Run (Colorado, USA) last year. They're great and so much nicer to get down than GU Gel.

GU Chomps are like those soft Super Cs; but four GU Chomps are equivalent to one GU Gel. There are eight Chomps in each packet - so that's two gels in each GU Chomps packet.

GU Chomps cost R32.95 at Dischem; so that's R16.50 for one dose, which is pretty much equivalent to the cost of a GU Gel (I think) - only the GU Chomps are nicer. Vooma gels are still cheaper at R8.75 a hit; GU Chomps add chewy variety to your munchie bags.

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