Monday, 19 July 2010


After too many weeks with late nights and early mornings, non-stop organising of things and races and teams and people, admin up to my eyeballs, overnight races and non-stop weekend activities, I crashed.

I was up at 6am on Saturday morning to get to Pretoria to put out controls at 7h30; I was guiding a navigation-themed teambuild at nine. It went well and I enjoyed the event (a super bunch of university students) but only got back to Jo'burg a bit before five - after a couple of errands out that way. By the time night rolled around, I just couldn't face getting up early again for orienteering on Sunday morning and driving over an hour each way to get there. As much as I love orienteering and the area where the event was held, I had reached saturation point.

So, I spent the day in bed - literally. Woke up at eight and then went back to sleep till ten. Made some tea and got into bed. I'm reading a super novel - nice story - so, I read my book. Made more tea and a sandwich after 12-ish and got back into bed. Got up at 14h30 to get ready to go paddling at Germiston Lake.

I needed this day of absolutely nothingness so I can continue to face the world. Last week was just one thing after another - following from weeks and weekends of the same. Next weekend will be no different.

I put out a lot of energy all the time - very draining, especially when there isn't always much coming back. I crash every couple of months and today was my day to do it.

My batteries recharged, I'm feeling much more friendly towards the world and people.

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